LGBTQ Music Recommendation: Jay Brannan


A few weeks ago I discovered the songwriter, Jay Brannan, while I was watching the movie, Strapped, which features one of his songs. Immediately, I was in love with the song and I had to pause the movie so I could quick google the lyrics and find out who was responsible for such an angelic voice.

Jay’s voice has a perfect clarity that I’m sure will give you tingles the first time you hear one of his songs. To say his vocal control is impressive would be an understatement. And not only are his vocals beautiful, his masterful lyrics are playful and exhibit clever wordplay that I would put on the same level as Owl City’s Adam Young, just with more mature content. His songs touch on everything from falling in love to heartbreak to fighting back against homophobic bigotry.

This week I have been playing Jay’s album Goddamned on repeat more than I care to admit. There’s something reassuring and relatable about his songs that helps to calm my restless mind when I’m not having the best day.

I highly recommend you first check out the songs “Housewife” (this is the song from Strapped) and “Can’t Have it All“. They are currently my two favorites 🙂

A bit more about Jay as per his website:

“A Texas native turned New Yorker, Jay Brannan has been writing and performing his own sweet & sad folk songs, tempered with a healthy dose of humor, around the globe since 2006.

He also appeared as an actor in John Cameron Mitchell’s indie film sensation Shortbus, in which his song “Soda Shop” was the highest selling song on the film’s soundtrack album (released by Bright Eyes’ Team Love Records)”

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