¡Feliz Pascua de México!

This week I am spending time on vacation with my family in Cancún, Mexico. We arrived on Easter Sunday and the weather has been nothing but perfect since we landed—sunny, 85 (30C), and a constant breeze off the ocean.


México está muy bonito.


Only a 30 second walk from our room


I’ve been enjoying watching all the animals that congregate outside our porch; the guy next door throws bits of bread on the lawn at about 4:00 every afternoon. I am convinced that iguanas are secretly plotting to overthrow mankind, and that they survive solely on the toes of little children. No proof of that yet, but I think I’m on to something here; weird little dinosaur groundhogs.


This is the face of a murderer

Also worth mentioning, I am so glad I took three years of Spanish in high school. I somehow managed to remember more than I thought I did, and it has been very helpful; like when your parents are trying to communicate to the maintenance man about what is wrong with the broken shower and refrigerator.

More updates to come!



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