Same-Sex Parents Just as Good as Straight Ones

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According to a new study published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, same-sex parents raise kids just as happy and healthy as straight parents do. To read a layman’s version of the study, check out this article.

One more step toward reducing discrimination against same-sex parents.

*raises glass to science*


HIV: Get Tested and Know Your Status


Earlier this week I went to my doctor to have an STD screening and I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage you all to do so too! It is so easy to schedule an appointment, and the testing process takes less than half an hour. It is especially important if you are sexually active, to be screened regularly.

Here are a few helpful links to learn more: Continue reading

LGBTQ Book Recommendation: Two Boys Kissing

17237214Two Boys Kissing, a gay coming of age story by David Levithan, was a unique read.

The book’s most striking literary aspect was the interesting choice of perspective. This was the first book I ever read (well, listened to) that was written from the first-person plural perspective. The narrative comes from the collective voice of AIDS victims as they observe the interactions and struggles of Continue reading

Let’s Vote, Wisconsin!


Just a friendly reminder to get out there and make your voice heard today! If you live in Wisconsin, go exercise those civic duty muscles.

Polls are open until 8 PM. To find your polling location, click here. Wisconsin allows for same day voter registration; just be sure to bring a photo ID and proof of residency (pay stub, bill, etc. with your address on it) to your polling location.

God, I love democracy 🙂

– Bryan