La Ceiba

I am now safely back home in Wisconsin’s wintry grasp *RIP sunny, warm weather😢* But before I let today’s unwelcome snowstorm get me down, I thought I might share a few more pictures from my time in Mexico.


While visiting the cenotes, I spotted this Ceiba pentranda tree. Being a total plant nerd, I had to get a picture with it, which coincidentally also happened to show off my abs I have been slaving over for the last year and a half 😉

As we learned from our tour guide, Ceiba trees were considered sacred by the Mayan. They took note of the hollow trunk and believed that the gods used them as a bridge between the underworld, Earth, and sky. Because of this, the Mayan would always have a Ceiba tree planted at the sacred cenotes.

Here are a few more photos from my trip to the cenotes.


In the open air cenote, there were many waterlilies. This is the view looking up to the surface of the water.

OT (69)

It really felt like swimming in paradise.


And my personal favorite find, Clitoria ternatea. As you may be thinking, the genus derives its name from a certain female body part. This is a double flowering variety so the namesake isn’t quite as obvious as the straight species. But as a horticulturist, I had to get a shot, and of course giggle as everyone in my group wondered why I was getting so intimate with this flower 😁


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