LGBTQ Book Recommendation: Two Boys Kissing

17237214Two Boys Kissing, a gay coming of age story by David Levithan, was a unique read.

The book’s most striking literary aspect was the interesting choice of perspective. This was the first book I ever read (well, listened to) that was written from the first-person plural perspective. The narrative comes from the collective voice of AIDS victims as they observe the interactions and struggles of the main characters.

Levithan tells a moving story of these characters, 7 gay teenagers, including one transgender boy. It follows them as
they discover love, fight bigotry, and come to terms with their sexuality, while the narrators look on with compassion, concern, longing, and nostalgia.

I stumbled upon Two Boys Kissing a couple months ago when I tried out a free Audible trial subscription. I was still new to my kindle fire and figured I’d give audiobooks a try. As part of the trial subscription, I could pick one book to download for free. So as I scrolled through some of the books available, this cover stuck out like a sore thumb. That looks gay! I thought. Definitely this one! I had a four and a half hour flight from O’Hare to Seattle, and this was just what I needed to fill the time. I was completely oblivious to the emotional rollercoaster I was about to embark on. The lives of these 7 boys were so relatable and the commentary of the AIDS victims’ narration was so powerful that I was effortlessly engaged through the entire story.

This book will make you angry, break your heart, and give you hope. It really will make you feel all the feels. I highly recommend you read this book, especially if you are part of the queer community.

– Bryan

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