A Hiatus Indeed

Not that I have many followers, but I feel guilty for not posting since June—guilty to myself for not better capturing the last 8 amazing months. I’ve taken thousands of pictures, but pictures without a narrative is kind of like investigating a crime scene that had no witnesses, it’s hard to get the whole story. But “A picture’s worth a thousand words!” they say. Yes, I completely agree, as in “I really need to write a thousand words so I don’t forget what was happening in this picture!”

I do need to write more. I find writing to be so refreshing and cathartic, much like how I enjoy playing the piano to unwind and massage the stress knots out of my mind. But I think writing is more like stretching than massaging. Writing is such a mindful task. It requires an active and mentally engaged participant to sustain an inner dialogue, but the reflecting and quiet contemplation feels so good, like stretching your legs after a long run. I suppose the run in this situation would be the constant outer dialogue one has throughout the day with family, co-workers, and friends. We are seemingly always being bombarded by other’s opinions, questions, assertations, and expectations. So much time is spent responding to the rest of the world; how much time do we really devote to our own thoughts? How often do we actually slow down enough to consider our inner dialogue, cultivate our ideas, and respond to our own questions. Take a few minutes, think about it.

Until next time, here is a bit of a teaser of what you can expect to see more of soon. 日本よりこにちは! Hello from Japan!

– Bryan


Creating jin on a bonsai in Kasai, Japan


Posing next to one of the massive Cryptomeria in Okunoin Cemetery on Mount Koya


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