Hi 🙂

I’m Bryan, a bisexual horticulturist who struggles with depression from time to time. What am I doing here? Well, I was raised conservative Lutheran and attended private Lutheran school K-12th grade. I know firsthand the struggle of a personal identity that clashes with the environment one was brought up in. I hope to use this blog as a way to help others grow to love and accept themselves.

When I was just 14, still very much in the closet, I discovered a blog that began to help me change the way thought about myself and my sexuality (Aussie Space Time Traveller). For so much of my life, I had tried to hide my true self, fearful and ashamed of what people might think if they knew the real me. Through this blog, however, I aim to own my identity and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I also happen to be an avid cook, gardener, traveler, and photographer; these are elements that will show up a lot as I tell my story.

Let’s laugh, learn, and grow together!

– Bryan



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