LGBTQ Book Recommendation: Two Boys Kissing

17237214Two Boys Kissing, a gay coming of age story by David Levithan, was a unique read.

The book’s most striking literary aspect was the interesting choice of perspective. This was the first book I ever read (well, listened to) that was written from the first-person plural perspective. The narrative comes from the collective voice of AIDS victims as they observe the interactions and struggles of Continue reading


Let’s Vote, Wisconsin!


Just a friendly reminder to get out there and make your voice heard today! If you live in Wisconsin, go exercise those civic duty muscles.

Polls are open until 8 PM. To find your polling location, click here. Wisconsin allows for same day voter registration; just be sure to bring a photo ID and proof of residency (pay stub, bill, etc. with your address on it) to your polling location.

God, I love democracy 🙂

– Bryan